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Huawei Modem Unlocking

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Huawei Modems
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Huawei are one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile broadband modems, MiFis and other wireless devices. The mobile products they make are often rebranded and used by wireless network operators as their own brand devices. When re-sold through a network provider the Huawei device is usually locked to that network so it cannot be used with other providers. This restriction is removed by 'unlocking' the device.Huawei Guarantee


Our Unlocking service is Fast, Safe and Guaranteed to work!

Order Process

1) Select your 'Modem model' from the drop down box and 'Add to Cart'.
2) Proceed to the checkout.
3) Once we have received your order, an email will be sent with easy to follow instructions.
4) Most modems are unlocked by downloading a small software program to a Windows PC.


Service Details and Requirements

Type of Unlock: Automatic software
Ease of Use:  Very easy
Internet Required: Yes
Computer Required: Windows PC
Delivery Time: Usually within 2 hours by email (orders are processed every day of the year)
Supported Networks: All


Latest Updates

July2013: AP02HW, B183, B681, D32HW, E3331, E5151
May 2013: HiMini E369
April 2013: E3251, E359,T353, Vodafone R208, B200, B932, E5756, EM920 Module
Feb 2013: E589, B153, E5776s

December 2012: E3121, E3276, E355, K3772 
November 2012: B660, B668, E560, E5332, HW-01c  

October 2012: E3231 HiLink
September 2012: B593 Router, Vodafone R210
August 2012:
R205 Mobile WiFi, B115, E157
July 2012:
HiLink E303, HiLink E353, E3131, E397, E303
June 2012: E5331, E1750c, E173 MTS, E392, D24HW, E188 Optus, K3806
March 2012: K5005, E357, E303, E368
Feb 2012: K4605, E587
Dec 2011: D03HW, E192, E271, B933
Sept 2011: E1732, E261,E1731, E586, E585U-82, K3771, K4510, K4511, E880
Aug 2011: UMG366, T-Mobile Jet 2.0, E158, E188, K3770, B220
June 2011: E353, E398, E367, E372, E1732, EM775, EM820, R201
March 2011: E881E, E150
Jan 2011: E171, E177, E398, B260
Dec 2010: E173, E585, E153
Oct 2010: B560, E1831
Sept 2010: E150, D26HW
July 2010: E2010, D01HW
June 2010: E1786, UMG1691, UMG1831, E1550
May 2010: E968, H12HW
April 2010: E181, E122, E1780
March 2010: D22HW, D12HW, D21HW, D31HW, E1556
Jan: 2010: E1756, E230, K4505, E5830, E5832, E5836, E5837, E5830, E583C
............Older entries archived.


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